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 Manta Digital Radar

MantaDigital Radar

The next generation multi-function Radar system designed to meet the 2008 IMO performance regulations . Marking another milestone in the ongoing programme of Manta development, Kelvin Hughes has produced the world’s first widescreen radar (20” and 26”): MantaDigital™.


SharpEye™ Radar

SharpEye™ is a radical and innovative departure from current marine navigation radar practice in that it is a monostatic pulse radar which uses the doppler effect to determine target velocities. This is achieved by processing received echoes in a bank of narrowband coherently integrating filters which resolve targets within particular velocity bands. SharpEye™ is able to separate targets from clutter due to their differing radial velocity components. This extra dimension gives a significant performance advantage in detecting small targets in clutter resulting in safer ship operations



In the tradition of the Kelvin Hughes range of Radar, MANTA ECDIS acts as the ideal tool to complement the long-established skills required to meet the high demands put on the modern day navigator.


Integrated Bridge Systems

MantaDigital™ provides widescreen bridge operation with screen sizes of 20” and 26”. It is available in pedestal, console and desktop mountings with a range of control options.

It can provide the following functionality:
Radar, Chart-Radar, ECDIS, Conning Display, Machinery/Engine Monitoring, BNWAS and alarm transfer system, Platform Management, DP and much more.

VTS Radar

SharpEye™ Coastal Surveillance/VTS Radar

Today’s security environment demands a radar that is able provides both superb performance in clutter for navigation safety, and will detect small craft which may pose a security threat.

SharpEye™ meets these requirements and has been developed as the world’s first new technology Radar aimed at the surveillance market.

Incorporating the latest in solid state, pulse doppler and signal processing technologies, SharpEye™ offers performance previously only possible in extremely expensive military or civil aviation surveillance radar. Combining this with the reliability of a completely solid-state solution gives SharpEye™ the edge in this demanding market.