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gyro std22

Gyro Compass Standard 22 Compact

Standard 22 uses sophisticated gyro compass technology based on 100 years of experience. It combines proven high technology and maximum performance with long maintenance periods.

gyro std21

Satellite Compass Standard 21

The Standard 21 satellite compass uses GPS signal to produce ship’s heading information. The Standard 21 is compliant with IMO requirements for Transmitting Heading Device (THD).

conv 1x1

Course Converter for Standard 22 Retrofit Solution

Raytheon Anschütz provides a series of universal course converters that enable to retain existing equipment as repeaters and autopilots when retrofitting an old gyro compass.


Steering Repeater Compass

The steering repeater compass ensures a clear indication of the heading information by using a 360° and a 10° compass card. In addition heading information is shown on a digital display.


Nav Data Repeater

The navigational data repeater is a multi-functional display and converter unit that provides navigational information about the ship’s heading, course to steer, speed and turning rate


Bearing Repeater Compass

The bearing repeater compass is equipped with a 360° compass card and a digital display for heading indication.

ap 60

NautoPilot® 60

NautoPilot 60 is a very cost effective autopilot solution especially designed for small ships with monohulls or catamarans up to 60 m length. It is based on over 80 years of experience in automatic steering.

ap d

PilotStar® D

PilotStar D is the professional autopilot recommended for all classes of ships up to a length of 120 m. With its design and simple operation, it is conceived for professional vessels as well as for megayachts.

ap 2000

NautoPilot® 2000 Series

NautoPilot 2000 is Raytheon Anschütz professional autopilot series for all commercial ships of 100 m length and above. As an adaptive autopilot it offers quick adaption to current environmental or ship conditions.

ap 5000

NautoPilot® 5000 Series

The Anschütz NautoPilot® 5000 is the most innovative autopilot in the market, with its advanced technology, a most precise steering performance, optimized handling and outstanding features the NP 5000 is setting new standards for autopilots.
Ease of use, NP 5000 features a large graphical display which offers different day and night modes. Clearly arranged functions are operated via hard keys and touch screen. You will feel familiar with the autopilot after a few minutes due to its intuitive operation philosophy.
As an adaptive autopilot, NP 5000 adapts automatically to the current weather and sea conditions. In Economy mode, rudder activity is reduced to a minimum for best fuel efficiency. In addition, NP 5000 is equipped with an Integrated Heading and Rudder Plotter that simplifies the adjustment of the autopilot for best steering performance and efficient fuel consumption.


Nautosteer® Steering Control System

Based on a long experience and advanced technology, Raytheon Anschütz offers customized and economical solutions for manual steering control. Anschütz Nautosteer manual steering control systems offers highest accuracy for modern ships of any size.


Steering Stand ComPilot® 20

The Raytheon Anschütz steering stand ComPilot 20 enables installation and system integration of all operator- and monitoring devices of the steering control equipment.

rudder _angle_indicator

Indicatore angolo di timone

Raytheon Anschütz offers rudder angle indicator for seagoing ships of every kind and size. Through the modular design and the variety of indicators all requirements with regard to IMO/SOLAS, class notations and Panama regulations are met.