• S-VDR

    The AMI Marine VR2272B conforms to all the current IMO / IEC / SOLAS standards. The system is designed such that it can be installed on new ships and retrofits alike.

    The VR2272B captures the ships radar, audio and proprietary signal data and stores it in an approved final recording media the capsule.

    Data capture is fully automated and requires no further action from the ships crew, except for the data save which archives the last 12 hours to the Save Partition, and the download operation when required.

    A minimum of 12 hours historic playback data can be recovered by downloading the information from the Capsule onto a portable laptop computer. Up to a further 2 days of ships data information can also be accessed from the system memory.

    The system records data without interruption during the download process.

  • The AMI Voyage Data Recorder outfit comprises:
    • 8 x NMEA0183 Ports 4800Bd Opto isolated
    • 1 x NMEA Port High Speed 38400Bd Opto Isolated
    • 5 x Microphone Inputs 600Ohm Balanced
    • 1 x VHF Input 600Ohm Balanced
    • 1 x Video Input Port, R, G, B, Horizontal and Vertical Sync
    • The modular system is compact and lightweight ideal for the smaller bridge

  • Main Electronics Unit (MEU):
    • Records the combined data.
    • Records the combined audio.
    • Digitises compresses and saves the RADAR file every 15 seconds.

  • Control and Display Panel:
    • Minimal controls.
    • Status and Alarm Display.
    • Audible alarm.
    • Status LEDs.
    • Push to save data to local memory.
    • Push to test microphones.
    • Power key switch.

  • AI6MR Audio Interface:
    • The Audio Interface will accept up to 5 microphones.
    • 1 VHF COMM input.

  • Microphones KW972:
    • Adjustable Gain and Compression.
    • Self Testing.

  • VHF Interface KW973 (AI2049):
    • The KW973 (AI2049) will interface directly with the Sailor RT2048.
    • Will input the Receive audio and Transmit audio and allow adjustment of both inputs to balance the mixed signals of other makes of VHF.

  • Capsule (AMI Fixed):
    • The capsule will hold a minimum of 12 hours of radar, data and audio.

  • Float Free (ACR) S-VDR Only:
    • The capsule will hold a minimum of 12 hours of radar, data and audio.

  • Remote Alarm Unit:
    • Audible and Visual Alarm. Audible alarm Mute switch.

  • AMI-UPS KW914-C Battery Backed UPS:
    • An 220/110v AC- 24vDC charging supply up to 2A.
    • 2 x 12V DC batteries providing 24V at max 12A/Hr.
    • Auto switch over on AC Fail.
    • Contact Closure on AC Fail Alarm.