Gyrocompass PGM-C-009


New gyrocompass PGM-C-009 is one of the most miniature mechanical gyrocompasses in the world. It is designed to meet the requirements of modern marine industry in wide range of applications due to its high accuracy, short settling time, small size and other attractive features. The gyrocompass is based on the dynamically tuned gyroscope; this accurate sensor provides follow-up speed up to 200 °/s.

Gyrocompass provides the following data:

  • heading relative to geographical meridian at the vessel’s speed up to 70 knots, latitude up to 80 degrees (up to 90 degrees in Direction Gyro mode),
    roll and pitch angles up to 45 degrees;
  • Rate of turn;
  • Operation mode data and failure alarm.

Gyrocompass complies with requirements of IMO A.424(XI) and A.821(19), IEC 945-96, ISO 8728-94 and is type approved by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (Certificate No.04.60053.130 of 20.04.04), Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation (Certificate No SC-3/1-1776-2004 of 27.12.2004) and GL Luxembourg (EC Type Examination Certificates 26 376-05 and 26 378-05.


Gyrocompass is designed as a single unit in a foamed PU casing with a compass card window and an embedded Control Unit. If necessary, the Control Unit may be remotely placed at a distance up to 100 meters away from the Main Unit.
Overall dimensions: 288mm (H) x 240mm (L) x 329mm (W).
Weight: 15,5 kg.

  • Efficient monoblock design
  • Small size and versatility
  • Short settling time
  • High reliability
  • High static and dynamic accuracy (latitude and speed compensation, automatic compensation of temperature drifts)
  • Easy installation and alignment, self-testing
  • Convenient maintenance (no compass fluid, extra cooling and heating are not required, no periodic determination and compensation of azimuth drift, simplified methods of horizontal drift determination and compensation)
  • Adjustment of scale illumination brightness
  • Ecological safety
  • Operating temperature from -15°C to +55°C
  • Storage temperature from -60°C to +80°C
  • Shock strength 10g

Settle point error, ° <±0,2° sec φ
Dynamic error, ° <±0,6° sec φ
Error from start-up to start-up, °
<±0,2° sec φ
Follow-up speed, °/s => 200
Settling time, min <=45 within 0,7°
Step 1 x (5V TTL), 6 steps
Resolver 1 x 10V 400Hz
Serial data 4 x RS422, NMEA0183
2 x RS232, NMEA0183
1 x ROT
20°/s ( ±10 V)
5V TTL power fail /
gyro fail
5V TTL system ready
Latitude NMEA 0183 via
RS232 or RS 422
from GPS
Speed Pulse or contact closure
100, 200 or 400 p/nm from log
NMEA 0183 via
RS232 or RS422
from log
Input voltage, V = 24 (18 - 36)
Power consumption:
- starting-up, W
- operation, W
Mean time between failures, h 40 000