38 RShM, 38 RShM1, 38 RShM2, 38 RShM3

Digital Repeater 38RShMx

Digital repeaters of 38RShM series provide indication of the vessel's heading received from the gyrocompass. In addition to LED display with a dimmer repeaters 38-RShM and 38-RShM1 have a separate two-colour LED bar graph rate of turn indicator. Repeaters are placed in service compartments of sea and river vessels.

Technical data
Accuracy of heading indication:
- repeaters 38-RShM and 38-RShM2, ° 0,1
- repeaters 38-RShM1 and 38-RShM3, ° 0,01
Interface RS232/ RS422
Supply voltage, V DC 19,2 - 31,2
Power consumption, W 9
MTBF, hours 12000
Dimensions, mm 245 x 180 x 159
Weight, kg 3,2
Protection level IP22
Operating conditions:
Temperature range, °C -15 to +55
Relative humidity at t = 40°C, % 98