Analog repeater 19RShM2

Analog Repeater 19RShM2

Analog bearing repeater with two dials provides the indication of the vessel's heading received from a gyrocompass and for a quick and precise terrestrial and celestial bearings as well as relative bearings. It is installed on the pelorus on the open deck of sea and river ships.

Technical data
Accuracy of heading indication, °: 0.1
Follow-up rate, °/s: 6
Interface RS232/RS422
Supply voltage, V DC 19.2 - 31.2
Power consumption, W 12.5
MTBF, hours 30000
Dimensions, mm 286 diameter x 210
Weight, kg 12
Protection level IP56
Operating conditions:
Temperature range, °C -40 to +55
Relative humidity at t = 40°C, % 98