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ECDIS - Electronic Chart Display and Information System - Nautical Digital Equipment

Application and Functions


The system is developed pursuant to related Specifications such as IEC, IMO or IHO. It can be used, with working together with kinds of communicational navigating equipment such as AIS, GPS, ARPA, Compass, log, depth-meter, autopilot etc., for treatment of marine geography, status of local vessel, travel ambient, and multiple dynamic objects. It is endowed with functions like supplicated navigation, assistant to collision-avoidance warning, and marine management, so as to maximally ensure the safety of traveling, and enhance the efficiency of operation.

Function Introduction

  • Compatible with global Marine Map by C-MAP company, and complying with IHO-S57 standard Electronic Marine Map; the display is subject to IHO s-52 regulation.
  • Sophisticated protection for unexpected power-off, to avoid any loss due to unexpected power-off.
  • Powerful functionality and uncomplicated operation for sailorman's fast grasp.
  • Excellent fleet monitoring function to keep watching on dynamic status of each vessel.
  • Marine Map can be customized. Multiple ones cam be automatically pieced together, and fast zoomed in or out.
  • Assistant navigation can be realized as per pre-defined course. Acoustic and lighting warning will be generated in case of danger; meanwhile, the status of local vessel and ambient information can be inquired in real-time.
  • Multiple display modes, possible to select dusk, night, daytime mode.
  • Possible to inquire the information of each position on the marine map, such as course, depth of water, ocean currents, and object info.
  • Collision-avoidance warning with help of AIS and ARPA.
  • Navigation management for course planning, patch tracking, and auto-recording of journal.
  • Marine Map can be updated automatically or manually, locally or remotely, by manually adding temporary subjects.
  • Remote monitoring function makes the status of the vessel and the information of the vessels nearby to be obtained in ground center, where several vessels can be monitored in parallel, and their current status can be revered verisimilarly.


  • IMO Resolution A.694(17)
  • IMO-Resolution A.817(19)
  • IHO S-52
  • SOLAS Regulation V/18.1, V/, V/
  • IEC 61174 (2001)
  • IEC 60945 (2002)
  • IEC 61162